Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thrifty tips, happy mail, a new sponsor...and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi peeps!

I got some lovely Happy Mail this week! This is the 14-piece Sakura bundle, which was only $23(CA$) plus a modest shipping fee(under $5), from Massdrop

They are having this drop again, now as we speak, so you'll have to hurry on over to pick up yours before they are all gone. 

I just love how it is tied up so cutely…definitely keeping that chevron ribbon for a craft project!

The prints have a slightly muted tone and a beautiful soft, drapey feel to them. These two prints are my favourites, but honestly, it was tough to choose between the other prints included in this bundle.

This is one of the sturdy boxes my purchases came in. There were even some plastic packing balloons inside to keep my purchases from shifting during travel!

Here is the new Enchanted 10-piece bundle offered at Massdrop. We need only about 25 more people to "Commit to Buy" and then the price will drop down to $22.99(CA$). The great thing about "Commit to Buy" is that your credit card/Paypal account is only charged once the price goes down to the lowest and once the drop has ended.

Enchanted is the latest collection by Sarah Fielke…you may know her from her Little Quilts books(I got one for Christmas…yahoo)! 

This drop is limited to only 32 bundles, so you have to get in fast to get the deal! Here's the link.

I recently won these great reusable fabric shopping bags from Teresa of The Green Bag lady fame. She makes these shopping bags and gives them away for FREE!!! She believes we can all do our part and eliminate using plastic shopping bags during our everyday shopping trips. 

There is also a tutorial on how to make them, and if you would like to become a baguette(that's what she calls the makers of green bags for giving away), you can contact her through her blog! If you'd like to win one for yourself, here's the link to Green Bag Lady.

I thought I would share an upcycle I did recently. I love Baker's Twine, but it unravels and gets all messy once you have started using it. I had an a-ha moment when I saw the holes in the lid of a small parmesan cheese shaker.

I washed the empty plastic cheese shaker bottle(the 2-cup sized one), then let it air-dry for a couple of days. I then removed the label by wedging the tip if my kitchen scissors under the label and started cutting. After I had peeled the label off, I gave the outside of the bottle a little scrub to remove some of the adhesive left from sticking the label on. It doesn't matter if there is a little adhesive left over as you will be covering most of it with the label from the spool of twine. Carefully cut the label open then centre it on the clean bottle and tape it securely.

Pop your spool of Baker's Twine into the bottle and thread the tail end through one of the holes in the lid. Snap the lid in place and…VOILA you are done!

I was at Walmart this week and picked up a plastic bin(pink as there were no purple ones…how shocking???), some fat quarters, paper clips and bulldog clips(clearance $1…bonus!) and some very large knitting needles. I had seen tutorial on knitting your old and ugly stash into rugs…how cool is that? 

I will try to find that tutorial again and will share it with you!

I got the pink bin to store my charm packs in. The wicker basket(above) I have been using doesn't hold all of my charm packs, and I wanted them to all be in the same place.

Here's the contents of the bin now…I'll have to find my other charm packs to fill it up!

I then re-filled the basket with my special(hoarded!) fat quarter bundles. There is my Cotton and Steel collection, some Amy Butler Glow and Free Spirit solids.

There is a 'good' dollar store in the Walmart mall, so of course I had to go! I got a glittery pocket portfolio so I can store my notes, ideas etc. for blog posts, some post-flags, a clear box with lid and handle, some plastic bins to decorate(tutorial coming soon), and 2 covered ice cube trays.

I read an article in the paper about herbs that get thrown out after they go bad. Now this really struck a chord with me as fresh herbs are expensive here at this time of the year and they are always going bad before we can use them up.
What you do is: while the herbs are fresh you cut them up with scissors and place in an ice cube tray. Fill the cubes with water, cover, then pop in the freezer, making sure that the tray is level. When you need some herbs, pop a herb cube into your cooking pan. The heat from cooking will melt the water and you will have the benefit of fresh herbs all year long.

You can do this with garlic cloves too. That's why I bought 2 trays…I didn't want the garlic smell to overpower the herbs. I will make both trays with a Sharpie, so as to not get them mixed up.

I have been wanting a box dedicated to storing my precious Aurifil thread. As you can see, the spools have room to stand up straight and there is room to add more as I get them…on sale, of course!!!

I'd like to welcome Sew Sister's Quilt Shop to the QSH! family.

Here's a little about them:

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop is a Canadian Quilt Store dedicated to all things quilting. Whether shopping online or in person at our store in Toronto our goal is to provide you with great service and offer top quality products at the lowest possible price. We have a large selection of quilting fabric, patterns, books and notions - everything you need to complete your unique quilts! Be sure to check out our very large Sale Section with over 400 bolts of fabric for only $7.99/metre!

At Sew Sisters we believe you should buy fabric, not postage – so we offer great rates on shipping.
Orders over a $100 ship for free within Canada!

Shipping Charges

Order TotalCanadaUSAInternational*
$0 - $19.99$4.99$12.99Actual Postage
$20.00 - $100$8.99$12.99Actual Postage
Over $100Free$12.99Actual Postage

Really, you should check out their sale section...lots of goodies there(and only $7.99 CA$ per meter). I even found some hard-to-find Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt there recently! 

The everyday prices for even designer quilting fabrics averages about $12.99(CA$) a meter…which is an awesome price…and no currency exchange to worry about for Canadians!

The Bargain Lover’s ClubPrice: $18.99 per month 
If there is one thing we love more than any other at Sew Sisters it is a great bargain!

Join our Bargain Lover's Club and we will send you 8 fat quarters every month for only $18.99. The postage is included for Canadians - others please enquire about shipping rates. All fat quarters will be great quality quilters cottons handpicked from our sale collections. You may cancel your membership at any time.

The lovely ladies at Sew Sister's have generously offered to give away an 8-piece fat quarter bundle from their wildly popular Bargain Lover's Club

Please note this giveaway is for Canadian and USA addresses only.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment describing your latest upcycle

I will pick a winner at noon(PST) on Monday, February 23, 2015.

-It is not a requirement of this giveaway to follow me, but it sure would be nice if you did!!!
-Sew Sister's Quilt Shop and myself are not responsible for lost or stolen mail from this giveaway.

**Giveaway is closed and prize has been awarded. Thanks for participating!**

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Quilty Huggs,



  1. I like to recycle my sons AE plaid shirts, I remove all buttons for future use and cut the shirt into squares for using in my quilt blocks.😊

  2. I yard sale and thrift store for wool coats and jackets, I then rip at seams including the lining and store to make bears and softies of the wool and line the ears and pads with the lining knowing it will match. Thank you for the give-a-way. The ideas for the herbs is a great one, I'll be using that one.

  3. I bought a blue metal tackle box at an estate sale last Friday. I have washed it well and am in the process of spaying the inside glossy white. I will clear coat the exterior to protect the lovely blue patina. Then I plan to use it for my travel sewing case to compliment my Singer 301 and 221. I'll be sharing it on my blog soon.

  4. I used old shoe boxes to store my "future embellishments" beach finds.

  5. I've recently gotten a bunch of men's extra large cotton shirts. Can't wait o debone and start a quilt with these!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I'm going to make a quilt out of a friend's deceased husband's ties. To practice, I've bought a few ties from the thrift shop. I've taken them all apart, but haven't moved on to the cutting stage yet.

  8. A few of my favorite up-recycle activities are: 1 - I collect old jeans from co-workers and friends and make charity quilts, aprons, tote bags and crocheted area rugs. 2 - I collect fabric scraps from the 'garbage cans' at quilt retreats - anything an inch or bigger that will be used to make little blocks as part of bigger blocks to make quilts for family and charities. 3 - I collect the threads and scraps under an inch as stuffing for pet beds for animal shelters. I love finding a use for all of the bits and pieces so there is no waste! :-)

    1. Hi MMK…I have chosen you as my (surprise!) consolation prize winner!!!
      Could you please email me with your first and last name as well as your snail mail address…then I can send you something nice!!!
      I'll give you 24 hours to respond, or I will have to pick someone else, okay>
      Quilty Huggs,
      Jacqueline Frances

  9. I recently received a couple of shoe boxes from my cousin. I use them for my in progress projects. I do not like to work on just one project at a time so it is nice to keep tem all together. Great ideas!

  10. I had some heavy shoe boxes left behind at Christmas. Covered them with heavy wrapping paper. Now I store small sewing times in them. (Extra needles, empty bobbins, seam ripper, etc..). Easy to find and looks nice too

  11. I've been deboning thrift store men's shirts for plaid and striped quilting fabric. I sort for the larger sizes and 100% cotton. I just need to come up with project for all those shirt buttons which get sorted by size into my never ending supply of prescription bottles.

  12. I up cycle the rigid salad plastic bins for project and Notion bins in my sewing room. They stack beautifully and you can see into them.

  13. New to your blog, but loving it. I use empty pimento jars to sort buttons in according to color. When you need a yellow button, grab the jar with yellow buttons in it and you are in business.

  14. I use a thrift store found baking sheet to hold my current leader/ender project.

  15. I recently donated three winter jackets to be distributed to the needy and purchased secondhand jeans to convert into charity quilts. A win win for all!

  16. Hi and thanks for the chance to win. I've started following you on bloglovin. :) One upcycle I do in season is to find wool sweaters at the second-hand stores. They are usually $2-4. I then felt them and make mittens and hats with the heavier fiber. So cozy! They get donated through our church.

  17. I use old curtain rods to keep the clamps on the sides of my longarm raised and out of my way.

  18. Hi Jacqueline, it's so nice to meet you. I'm also the mother of two boys (Grown men now:)
    I took some worn wool socks (which I really need right now to keep my tootsies warm) and stuffed several pin cushions. So this will keep my pins sharp so I can keep on quilting and sewing. Love how you store your charm packs, now I know the perfect size basket/bin. Thank you for your inspiration

  19. Hi, I am new to quilting but I would love to make a quilt out of old t-shirts, or make a quilt using my niece's baby clothes. I think that would be really cute. Thank you for hosting the giveaway. weitay at Gmail dot com.

  20. I took an old doll carraige and use it to hold my yarn. Following on bloglovin'.

  21. I love buying old wool sweaters and unraveling them for yarn to knit into new projects.

  22. I upcycle old shirts into rice bags. Easy and quick project. Makes a nice present for people with slow circulation, sore knees, or a few bumps and bruises. You just heat it in the microwave for 1 minute and it turns into a hot pack.

  23. I reuse all the fabric from old duvet covers, pillowcases to make tote bags, pin cushions and drawstring bags

  24. I have made zip pouches from old pants and shirts that my son no longer wears. And I am contributing to my MIL's upcycle project -- I'm giving her old jeans that she is making into a quilt.

  25. I just found this blog and love seeing your upcycle projects! I just got some clearance pillows and will work on my first scrappy pillow cases. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  26. I just found this blog and love seeing your upcycle projects! I just got some clearance pillows and will work on my first scrappy pillow cases. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  27. I used an old shirt to make pajamas for my daughter's doll. The pattern on the fabric was perfect for the pjs.

  28. I recently had a friend pass away. Her mother asked me if I could make T -shirt quilts out of all of her "cancer" t-shirts. She wanted 2 quilts for the boys and a throw for the husband. I didn't count the t-shirts but I was able to make the three quilts. It was very emotional, but I was glad I could do it.

  29. I used paint stick for the handles for a purse. I'll be posting about in a day or 2. Thanks for the great giveaway:)

  30. I use round tea and cookie tins for holding change and tracing with chalks for circles to follow while quilting. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Jacqueline, I am a purple lover too! Nice to meet you! I admire your organizing tips and tricks, especially having a designated basket for fat quarters and charm packs. My latest upcycle project is using a pair of my daughter's old linen-type draperies. Instead of giving them away, I have used them in so many projects. My latest is using the natural-toned fabric as a base for a banner for a friend who is graduating from the seminary. It's looking great!

  32. I have a wool sweater that the moths munched on! :( I was losing weight, hoping to wear it again. I am going to felt it and make a little bag out of it.

  33. I made my little granddaughter some pajama pants from one of my husband's old sweatshirts. She is growing so fast that she seems to need new pajamas every time she comes to spend the night. Thanks for the great giveaway and for your inspiring blog!

  34. I think the last upcycles I did were making bags from Tommy Hilfiger cropped pants and a Lilly Pulitzer dress. Bargains from Goodwill.

  35. I think the last upcycles I did were making bags from Tommy Hilfiger cropped pants and a Lilly Pulitzer dress. Bargains from Goodwill.

  36. I am always saving bits of things. Scraps of fabric are good fillers for dog beds. 2 1/2 in squares go in a box for scrap quilts. Those plastic containers you get at the grocery store are great for sorting pins and misc items. Dental floss containers work as thread carriers. If I stare at something long enough I can find a use.

  37. Hello. Lately I've been using my children's favorite out grown clothes to make them awesome stuffed animals. I plan on making some for my family as gifts also. :)

  38. I reupholstered my living room chair with text fabric. Love it. Thanks for the ideas and the giveaway.

  39. I made the grandkids rag quilts with cut up denim jeans and flannel shirts. They are great to have in the car too.

  40. I bought some great knit fabric, and made a duplicate of an old stained shirt that I loved. Unfortunately I made it too small (poor planning). It sat and sat, then my friend came over and I remembered the shirt! She tried it on and it was perfect! I added the collar and off it went to its new happy home!

  41. I bought some minky from a scrap store and made a blanket for my son.

  42. Since we are tight on cash, I've become pretty good at thinking way out of the box. I love shopping thrift stores, garage sales, anywhere to get fabric, I've been known to use just about anything in quilts,....old table cloths, shirts, jeans, upholstery scraps, chenille bedspreads, old velvet bedspreads, ties, sheets and now I'm saving scraps of silk for another quilt idea I have


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