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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Some sad news...

Hi peeps

Sunday was not the greatest day for us; it was cold and just poured rain...

I had to take Gracie, my baby-cat, to the Vet, and put her down. She had had a UTI a few months ago, and never really recovered. She was not able to make it to the litter box at all and my dear Hubs had been cleaning up after her the last few weeks. We decided on Sunday that it was time. 

My Hubs is a soft-hearted soul and could not be in the room for the injections, but I stayed with her and petted her while the deed was done. She breathed her last and her little brave heart stopped beating while I rubbed and scratched her shoulders(she used to love that). Believe me when I tell you that tears are streaming down my cheeks as I type this. I just needed to share our pain...

By pure coincidence, our neighbour knocked on the back door with a freshly-caught crab for us! He had caught 15, but had to throw a few back as they were too small. It is so great to be living just an hour away from the Pacific Ocean!

Here is George, our other cat, surveying the still-live crab. He was a bit wary!

Needless to say, we are still a little down-in-the-dumps about losing Gracie, but she is now over the Rainbow Bridge with other pets.

I still feel like a murderer…

Huggs, you guys…


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Gone garage saling!!!!

Hi peeps!

I was so happy that I found the pattern and link(on the Cute Tutes page) for my citrus table runner, that I whipped up another one! It just hast to be quilted and bound! I love the centre fabric-it has cute country chickens all over it. The picture doesn't do it justice at all! Terrible lighting today.

Today was our complex-wide garage sale, but since it is raining(typical!), only half of the people who signed up participated. They just used patio umbrellas and opened up their garages. I got the above treasures for $1-$2 each, plus an awesome zip-up hoodie from Old Navy for only $2.00! What a steal! It is in the wash right now. That crock pot cookbook is actually a 3 in 1, so tons of yummy recipes to try. I love, love using my crock pot and am always on the lookout for new recipes.

Speaking of recipes, I have add a Yummy Recipes page. There are only 2 recipes(tried and true!) there at the moment, but more are on the way. I keep on forgetting to take pics when the hubs makes a favourite one I'd like to share.

I also managed to get these kitchen towels finished. I did the embroidery on them last month and trimmed the bottom edge today. They are for my dad for Father's day. I will be doing up a tutorial for them soon, stay tuned!!!

I just HAD to show you this pic I took of Gracie. She looks pretty ticked off, doesn't she? ha ha ha 

I used the flash on this photo because the light is terrible in our dining room today.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend!