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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Craftsy sale & Value Village finds!

Hi peeps!

Note: This post contains an affiliate link

I would like to introduce Craftsy to you. They are an online source of great how-to classes, kits and supplies for a huge assortment of crafters/sewers and quilters! I have been enjoying shopping there for a couple of years now. I have purchased several courses(you own them forever!), kits, fabric(including pre-cuts) and supplies. There's an order coming my way as we speak!!!They also take Paypal for payment which is a huge selling point for me! You can check out their fun and informative blog.

I have been accepted into the Craftsy Affiliate Program, which means I can show you upcoming sales and share special coupon codes. Awesome!!! Note: in return, I receive a small honorarium for each purchase, meaning I can offer more self-sponsored giveaways!!! Every purchase makes a difference. Thanks!

Please use this link to join or log in to Craftsy: Craftsy

It is completely free to join Craftsy and they do have some super free classes available to get you started!

For those of you who have a website or blog, it is very easy to become an affiliate. Follow the link below to get started. Again, it is completely free to sign up.

Sale ends August 11, 2014
Check out this super sale on all of their classes. If that is not a Thrifty Thursday special, I don't know what is! ha ha ha

Sign up now to have fun classes to enjoy in the Fall/Winter:

On sale for only $14.00, regularly $30.00
I am a big fan of Camille Roskelly(the creator of the popular Swoon quilt block) and already own one of her Craftsy classes: Pre-cut Piecing. I have the above class in my Craftsy cart and will be purchasing it right away.

I thought you would like to see how I am coming along with the Kid's hexie quilt. I call these 'triplets' and I have about 350-ish sewn up. The long king-sized quilt requires over 900 of these. When I am done sewing together the triplets, I will sew three of them in a row, which I call 'niners'. Then I stack two niners together to give me a 18-piece 'block'. 

I will have over 200 of these 'blocks' when I am ready to lay them out on the floor and start sewing them into rows. I sew my hexies every evening, except when a bad migraine or my fibromyalgia forces me into bed. …yeah, I know...

And now for my trip to Value Village! I got my trusty shopping cart ready and hit the street. We had free transit this past Monday, due to two major transit disruptions in July. So I thought I would head out of my cave and see the world! 
Thrifty Thursday savings: $5.50.

I found a matching rectangular tub with a blue lid, but they had it marked at $3! I have seen these in dollar stores, so I told a supervisor. She agreed with me and priced it as 99 cents. Since I had a 30 % off coupon for my entire purchase, it came to just 69 cents! Extra bonus savings!!!

This photo album is brand new and the artwork on the cover is by my favourite watercolorist, Marjolein Bastin. Her stuff is sooo sweet! I have some of her stationary as well. 

I have been wanting to put our Las Vegas wedding photos in an album for over 14.5 years! Time I get that done.

Picked up some new, packaged unused stationary items. The white and pink cards are handmade and the package contains about fifty of them. They look like they might have been wedding thank you cards. They will suit my purpose- I plan to open an Etsy store sometime in the future and these would make great thank you cards…stay tuned!

Here's a collection of craft supplies I picked up on the cheap. The roll of cording is huge! If anyone wants a couple yards of off-white polyester cording, please message me. I would be happy to send some along-just cover the shipping cost(less than $4.00). I love the colourful, nubby yarn at the top.

I have been wanting one of these for years, but there were too expensive…up to $20 in some places online. This one was priced at $4, but there is a sale price ticket right on the package(above right), that is marked 25 cents. I pointed this out and she re-priced it as 5 cents, bonus! Now the Hubs gets to put it together.

I couldn't pass up this little cushion. I plan to stick it in a mesh lingerie bag, wash it on gentle, air dry, then take it apart. It might become a pocket for a bag or a pincushion of some sort.

Big deal of the day! I got these four bags of zippers for around $10. I haven't even counted how many zips there are! There are 2 colours of light blue zippers in the big bag, they are 20" long and would be great for zipper pouches or bags. I don't think I would use them on clothing, they might not be sturdy enough. There are some heavy-duty and metal zippers in the small packages as well.

If anyone would like a few light blue zippers, just let me know-just please pay the shipping(under $4.00). I am happy to share!

I always look in the tablecloth section,and was not disappointed this time. These two tablecloths were around three bucks each. They will be used for quilt backs or bindings. 

I also got that big bag of off-white fabric pieces for under $5. Most of it is poly-cotton, which will be good enough for bag and pillow interlinings. There are also two nice pieces of quality muslin.

This was a mixed-fabric bag, priced at $4. The turquoise at the left is stretch velour, the turquoise dots are flannel and the brown is home dec, but the rest is nice cotton. A great addition to my scrappy stash.

I found this length of cat panels, too. There are four cats to a panel, and three panels total. I plan to use it as part of a quilt back, mixed with the tan check tablecloth above. I will alternate the squares. There might be enough of the border to make the binding. There is a person in my family that loooves cats!

I got these two men's shirts to cut up, for about $10. They are 100% cotton, and nice plaid prints. I always go for the larger men's shirts as they have more fabric and no breast darts like women's shirts.  I save the buttons too. 

Look for a tutorial on cutting up shirts for quilting, sometime soon.

Last, but not least, I found these cute little dishes. I will attach flat magnets to the bottom of the heart dish(read, I will get my Hubs to do it!!!) and make a pin dish for beside my sewing machine. Not sure what I am going to do with the other two little dishes, they are soaking(the super-sticky price tags are impossible to peal off) in the sink right now. I could make pincushions for my future Etsy store. I may even do a tutorial!

Total Thrifty Thursday savings…$5.50 on bus fare, over $50 at Value Village(with the 30% off coupon and me asking for price adjustments), and $15 on the Craftsy course…priceless!

Don't forget to check out all the sales at Craftsy! They have a large Clearance section, with loads of kits/fabrics and pre-cuts with deep discounts.

Click here to get to Craftsy: Craftsy

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You may wonder at the reason why I am always talking about deals, saving money and thriftiness. I am considered(by myself, my doctor and the government) unemployable/disabled and my Hubs earns the only income at my house. I do receive a small government pension, but that is eaten up quickly by household bill and expenses. The Kid is still looking for a Summer job, and will have a few options available in a few weeks, when he turns 16.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!