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Friday, May 22, 2015

Follow-Up Friday: More Of My Quilts and Are You My Giveaway Winner?

Hi peeps! 

My Hubs named this one "Mountain Dew & Grape Crush"!
I though I would continue on with showing you some of my quilts(the ones that I own-most of my big quilts were gifts and never got photographed as I didn't have a digital camera then).

This one is completely hand-pieced, including adding the borders. I was also experimenting with a high-loft polyester batting(ewww!!). As you can see, I had a bit of trouble machine-quilting the poly batting-things kept on shifting…grr! 

This was the last time I used poly for anything!


When the Lion's Gate Quilting Guild(North Vancouver, BC) holds it's biannual quilt show, there is an interactive display where anyone can give hand-quilting a try. 

A guild member makes the quilt top and it gets put in a large, standing quilt hoop. Then throughout the day, different guild members would stay and give pointers on hand-quilting techniques to anyone who was curious and wanted to try their hand at it(there were a lot of men and kids keen to try!).

The partially-quilted quilt is then raffled-off…and one year I won it(above)! I finished all of the hand-quilting, then scoured my substantial stash; looking for the right binding fabric. I think the greyish-blue I chose fits in very well.

Now to the giveaway winner!

I asked my Hubs to choose a random number between 1-119(the number of comments) and he chose:

#112 Sheila, who wrote:
Congratulations on your blogaversary . I follow your blog via email .thanks for the chance.
Sheila-look for an e-mail from Quilt, sew Happy! in your inbox!!!
Thanks so much to everybody who entered my 1st Year Blogiversary Giveaway and who signed-on to follow my blog! Stay tuned-there are more fun things on the way!*
*A big THANK YOU to Connecting Threads for supplying this great prize!

Craftsy is Having a Big Long-Weekend Sale!!!

Nothing beats a long weekend...except for a long weekend full of crafting fun! Get everything you need for a creative “stay-cation” with Craftsy’s Memorial Day Sale. Enjoy up to 70% off all kits, fabric and yarn, up to 60% off sewing project kits and up to 40% off art, paper craft and cake decorating supplies. You’re sure to snag the items you’ve been eyeing at major savings. 

The sale runs from 5/21/15 through 5/25/15 @11:59pm MT!*

*If you are not already a member of Craftsy, you will have to join and create a basic profile of yourself. This is free and takes mere minutes and then you can shop your buns off! Hee Hee Hee…get it? You are sitting on your buns when you are internet shopping!!!

Remember a few months back when I was drooling about the RJR Letters Home Tea and Biscuit Table Runner(above)? Well, I can finally get it! It is now priced at $28.61(CA$)-about $24.00 US$*. That's 45% off the regular price! Yay!!!
*Sorry about the CA$ to US$ price conversion…all of my Craftsy prices show in Canadian dollars only.

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Thanks for reading and have a great day! 

Quilty Huggs, 


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Monday, March 23, 2015

WIP Progress, Springing and a Tutorial!

Hi peeps! 

How is everybody doing today??? Did ya miss me? Laid low again with a weather-sparked migraine that lasted a week, eek! 

Before I was incapacitated I managed to get my citrus batik table topper put together-border and all! I am still amazed at how pain-free the HST's were…guess I never bothered to measure and trim them before…ha ha had been that long since I worked with HST's! 

I have spray-basted it to some older-stash fabric and am good to go for quilting…but I am still undecided on which pattern to FMQ(free-motion quilt) with my Pfaff. It will be on our large coffee table and will get spilled on, folded over and generally well-used so I think it should be densely quilted. The one that is on the coffee table now was quilted with a fairly tight meander and while that is the easiest FMQ design to do, I am a little bored with it.

This was made with two packs of Timeless Treasures charms I got from Craftsy during their Boxing Week Clearance Sale. I actually bought 4 from them and don't know just yet what I'm going to do with the other two packs. I had a few squares left over from the above project as I was working with specific dimensions, so I'd like to work them into the next project as well.

I took this picture early last week. This is part of the tree that is in our minuscule back area. This one usually grows so much in the summer months that it ends up touching our kitchen windows! Now, would you believe, the buds are fully open and little leaves are starting to grow.

Home-Made Spray Starch Tutorial

I don't really like to use the spray starch in a can as it has an icky slightly-sweet smell…and of course, the fumes and the ozone layer. This recipe is a mix of a couple I have seen online with a few personal tweaks!

You will need:

2 cups of cold tap water
4 Tablespoons of cornstarch
1 Tablespoon of vodka(yes, really…very important)
5 drops of Lavender essential oil(or a favourite, just not a citrus-based one as even small amounts might cause a stain)
1 spray bottle(got mine at the dollar store)
-mixing bowl, measuring cup for liquids, measuring spoons, fork and a funnel

In your mixing bowl combine the water, vodka and cornstarch and mix well using a fork. Don't add the essential oil yet!

With the help of your funnel, pour the resulting liquid into your spray bottle. Remove the funnel and add your essential oil. I use lavender as it has a nice smell, but you could use a different oil such as peppermint or rosemary...but no citrus-based oils as they can leave oil spots on your items!

Now give your spray starch a hearty shimmy & shake. This helps to mix the essential oils in well. The reason I wait till the end to add the essential oils is that I don't want to waste any of it in the mixing bowl. Just mixing the oil in with a fork will not disperse the oil throughout the spray starch mixture and some of the oil will stick to the bowl's sides, which is a waste in my opinion.

Now, keep your spray starch near you ironing board and spray, spray, spray away, but use sparingly-a little will go a long way! Just remember to give it a good shake before each use as the cornstarch tends to settle to the bottom once the bottle is set down. 

It should stay fresh for a month or two! When not in use, I put mine in the fridge and it lasts longer.

If you find that you have some white residue on your fabric after the spray has dried, just give the area a little swipe with your fingers or a damp cloth. The white residue is just plain old cornstarch!

Why the Vodka you ask? Vodka(or any clear alcohol, but not rubbing alcohol) acts like a dispersant and a binder(emulsifier)-helps the essential oils mix with the water, and will also help the spray starch stay fresh, as it is a preservative.


Thanks so much to the peeps who commented about my new vintage Singer machine! I was directed to a couple different websites and can now say I know this about her:
Made in St. John's, Quebec, Canada in 1948

My model was one of the first of these models to come off the assembly line, as I noticed there are some things missing: the face of the stitch lever(on the right) doesn't have any numbers on it for stitch length and there is no gold "Made in Canada" decal situated on the top of the machine head.

I also now know that I put the needle in the wrong way...DUH! While on modern machines you put the needle in with the shank facing the back, this Singer must have the needle shank facing the left! 

I have also started looking on eBay and Etsy for a Walking Foot and a few other things I like to have. Someday I would like a wooden cabinet to store her in, so I could set her up in the living room and not have to move her on and off the kitchen table…Featherweight she is not!!!

Today is the last day of Craftsy's Spring Blowout Sale! Scoot on over for amazing deals on fabric, sewing kits, and quilting kits!

I have been looking longingly at this kit: Letters Home Tea and Biscuit Table Runner since Craftsy first shared it! When you use this link, just scroll down the page to see the kit. It is on sale HALF PRICE for $25.43(this is the price in CA$-it will be much cheaper in US$)!!!

They even have a few of the lovely Aurifil thread sets…but these are going fast.

Question of the Day: 

 How should I machine-quilt my citrus batik table topper? I really need some ideas peeps!

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Quilty Huggs, 


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Monday, February 23, 2015

A Parade, Some Web Specials and the giveaway winner!

Hi peeps!


There was no sewing done chez moi on Sunday, as the Hubs and I decided to go see the Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver's Chinatown. We braved the bus...all 90 minutes and two transfers of it, though the Hubs was a little nauseous by the time we arrived. I have to sit down on the bus as I walk with a cane and can lose my balance, but he had to stand and was jostled around like a milkshake. I got some Gatorade into him and he started feeling better.

This is a photo of me just as the parade started. You can see the ornately decorated gate to Chinatown to the above right. The parade started with an ear-splitting barrage of firecrackers…almost 5 minutes long! That was a treat as fireworks have been banned where we live for years. The air was blue with smoke and some people closer started choking from the gunpowder(?).

These dragon dance guys were waiting for the parade to start. They usually walk further apart and make the dragon "dance" by moving the poles up and down, this way and that. There is another guy following who is banging on a metal drum on wheels. If there are a few dragons in a row, it can get deafening.

I wanted to show you how busy it was, there were throngs of people from every walk of life there. You can see that the parade stretches for blocks…and this photo was taken at about the half way point.

These teen girls did an intricate dance…fancy footwork with fans!!!!

Sorry this one is blurry…by the time I had turned my camera on(it has auto-shutoff), I only had a few short seconds to get the shot.

These ladies also did a lovely, artistic fan dance.

The lions here, in red and gold have 2 guys underneath them. When the front guy gets tired, he switches off with another guy walking behind.

The parade was so long that after about an hour we decided to go find somewhere to eat. After the parade winds up, there is no room anywhere to sit and have a meal.

We had Dim Sum-which is like a tasting menu  and got 5 things to try…wish I had taken a picture, as it sure was tasty! Our favourites were the steamed BBQ pork buns…I could have had more. To be honest, I have had them before…but it that was about 20 years ago!!! YUMM!

I went to check out my favourite cookwear store and they were having a 25% off sale, but I managed to exit without a shopping bag full of neat things! 

Just as I was leaving, the lions came up to do a blessing for prosperity in the New Year. They do it in front all of the stores in Chinatown and there is usually such a big crowd around that you can't see. I had ring-side seats, so to speak and managed to get a good shot.

Here I am at the gate again, as we were leaving. As you can see, the crowds of people had noticeably thinned out.

I did make one purchase though. The White Rabbit candy on the left was something my parents used to buy me when I was little. It is made out of sweetened condensed milk, has a chewy texture and each piece is individually wrapped in a layer of (edible)rice paper. I also bought about a cup's worth of Goji berries. They are very healthy and have a tart-fruit taste.

We had a really nice time but were so ready to go home. The buses were a lot less crowded, but the Hubs still had to offer his seat to an elderly person.

Here's some deals I found on the web(links included):

Woo-hoo! You can enter to win Craftsy's #Secret Stash contest here
Contest runs till March 15, 2015

Any stash or sewing room welcome!

Prizes include a box of secret stash goodies and a Craftsy class of your choice!

Accuquilt is offering 30% off 30 items till Feb. 28, 2015. No code needed.

Bow Tie Die Reg. $49.99, now only $34.99!

Fons & Porter are having a 20% off Customer Appreciation Sale
Code is: FPSAVE20
Ends Feb. 26, 2015

Sister's Together Kit, reg $109.99, now 20% off!

Zulilly always has amazing sales going on, especially for Women's Plus-size clothing. I found this slimming tunic for $37.99(CA$)…reg. price $89.00(CA$). That is more than 40% off and I've seen dresses @ 70% off!

on sale for $37.99 CA$

And now for my Giveaway winner(s)…

 I asked the Hubs to pick the winner(s) and so, the winner of the 8-piece fat quarter bundle from Sew Sister's Quilt Shop is:


I have sent her an email and hope to hear from her soon.

I decided to have a second prize winner as my blog has recently surpassed 100 followers via Bloglovin' and I thought that was something to celebrate!!!

The second prize winner is:


I have sent a message and hope to be sending a little package of treats soon.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for commenting…there were so many great ideas mentioned and some I hadn't thought of too! Win, win!!!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Quilty Huggs,


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sooo, wanna see what I got for Christmas???…and What I'm Working on Now!

Hi peeps!

Each year, when we gather together for American Thanksgiving, it is a family tradition that we stick everyone's Christmas lists on my MIL's fridge. So, my Hubs suggested that I choose my own Christmas gifts(from him and the Kid) this year. To be fair, my Hubs was having a pretty busy time at work.

Woo-Hoo! Super-bonus points for him!!! Hee Hee Hee

This was when all the great Black Friday sales were going on, so I clicked on over to Connecting Threads(a favourite on-line shop of mine) and went to town! 

I love how they label each piece with fabric name and your yardage cut

They had their books at 40% off and deep discounts on selected fabrics, patterns and notions. The purple print is called "Fronds".

The pretty drawstring bag and thread snips were from my Dad

I also got the Morroccan Tiles pattern that has been on my CT wish list for ages. I am thinking of pairing solids with small amounts of 'modern' fabrics for that one. 

That teal tool on the far right is a half square triangle ruler. I've had a 6"-long one for years, and needed the longer one to finish that Jumbo Prism Pillow I was working on in this post.

It was sure hard to not open that box when it arrived a week later!

I had been saving up so that I could take advantage of Craftsy's big after-Christmas sale. These table runner kits were bargain priced(about $6 each!), so I picked up 4(shown above). The kit contains 40 5" charm squares of Batik fabrics in the Punch colour line, plus a free pattern. I have been meaning to make a new runner for our coffee table and thought these bright citrusy prints would brighten the place up.

I opened up one package and started thinking about which squares to pair together, as I would like some contrast in each pair. I will be using two packages as our coffee table is quite large.

I surfed my stash and found the perfect fabric for binding. It is a cross-weave of two slightly different colours and will be perfect binding. The photo doesn't do it justice, it is more shimmery in person. Is shimmery a word? If not, it should be! hee hee hee

This is a half-yard piece, so if I cut my binding strips straight of grain instead of on the bias, I will have enough for the large table runner, as well as for one of the extra kits.

I started marking my sewing and cutting lines on the lighter squares, using my new half-square ruler and a black Frixion pen. It doesn't show up very well here I'm afraid, but is dark enough for me to see it while sewing. 

I am having a problem with my Frixion pens not working all that well…does anyone know what might be the problem and how I can fix it?

Click here to go directly to Craftsy!
Affiliate post:
Did you know that Craftsy is have a huge Winter Wonderland sale? They are offering up to 65% off fabrics/kits/notions and classes. The classes never expire and you own them for life, so you can go back a watch them as many times as you like! I have several! It is completely FREE to Join Craftsy.

Sale ends at midnight February 2, 2015 MST, so don't delay!


Tommorrow is Groundhog Day…will he see his shadow?

Comment below!

PS: I'd like to thank each and every one of you who emailed me to see if I was doing okay. I was having a difficult time health-wise, and lost my bloggie voice for several months.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Quilty Huggs,


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Craftsy sale & Value Village finds!

Hi peeps!

Note: This post contains an affiliate link

I would like to introduce Craftsy to you. They are an online source of great how-to classes, kits and supplies for a huge assortment of crafters/sewers and quilters! I have been enjoying shopping there for a couple of years now. I have purchased several courses(you own them forever!), kits, fabric(including pre-cuts) and supplies. There's an order coming my way as we speak!!!They also take Paypal for payment which is a huge selling point for me! You can check out their fun and informative blog.

I have been accepted into the Craftsy Affiliate Program, which means I can show you upcoming sales and share special coupon codes. Awesome!!! Note: in return, I receive a small honorarium for each purchase, meaning I can offer more self-sponsored giveaways!!! Every purchase makes a difference. Thanks!

Please use this link to join or log in to Craftsy: Craftsy

It is completely free to join Craftsy and they do have some super free classes available to get you started!

For those of you who have a website or blog, it is very easy to become an affiliate. Follow the link below to get started. Again, it is completely free to sign up.

Sale ends August 11, 2014
Check out this super sale on all of their classes. If that is not a Thrifty Thursday special, I don't know what is! ha ha ha

Sign up now to have fun classes to enjoy in the Fall/Winter:

On sale for only $14.00, regularly $30.00
I am a big fan of Camille Roskelly(the creator of the popular Swoon quilt block) and already own one of her Craftsy classes: Pre-cut Piecing. I have the above class in my Craftsy cart and will be purchasing it right away.

I thought you would like to see how I am coming along with the Kid's hexie quilt. I call these 'triplets' and I have about 350-ish sewn up. The long king-sized quilt requires over 900 of these. When I am done sewing together the triplets, I will sew three of them in a row, which I call 'niners'. Then I stack two niners together to give me a 18-piece 'block'. 

I will have over 200 of these 'blocks' when I am ready to lay them out on the floor and start sewing them into rows. I sew my hexies every evening, except when a bad migraine or my fibromyalgia forces me into bed. …yeah, I know...

And now for my trip to Value Village! I got my trusty shopping cart ready and hit the street. We had free transit this past Monday, due to two major transit disruptions in July. So I thought I would head out of my cave and see the world! 
Thrifty Thursday savings: $5.50.

I found a matching rectangular tub with a blue lid, but they had it marked at $3! I have seen these in dollar stores, so I told a supervisor. She agreed with me and priced it as 99 cents. Since I had a 30 % off coupon for my entire purchase, it came to just 69 cents! Extra bonus savings!!!

This photo album is brand new and the artwork on the cover is by my favourite watercolorist, Marjolein Bastin. Her stuff is sooo sweet! I have some of her stationary as well. 

I have been wanting to put our Las Vegas wedding photos in an album for over 14.5 years! Time I get that done.

Picked up some new, packaged unused stationary items. The white and pink cards are handmade and the package contains about fifty of them. They look like they might have been wedding thank you cards. They will suit my purpose- I plan to open an Etsy store sometime in the future and these would make great thank you cards…stay tuned!

Here's a collection of craft supplies I picked up on the cheap. The roll of cording is huge! If anyone wants a couple yards of off-white polyester cording, please message me. I would be happy to send some along-just cover the shipping cost(less than $4.00). I love the colourful, nubby yarn at the top.

I have been wanting one of these for years, but there were too expensive…up to $20 in some places online. This one was priced at $4, but there is a sale price ticket right on the package(above right), that is marked 25 cents. I pointed this out and she re-priced it as 5 cents, bonus! Now the Hubs gets to put it together.

I couldn't pass up this little cushion. I plan to stick it in a mesh lingerie bag, wash it on gentle, air dry, then take it apart. It might become a pocket for a bag or a pincushion of some sort.

Big deal of the day! I got these four bags of zippers for around $10. I haven't even counted how many zips there are! There are 2 colours of light blue zippers in the big bag, they are 20" long and would be great for zipper pouches or bags. I don't think I would use them on clothing, they might not be sturdy enough. There are some heavy-duty and metal zippers in the small packages as well.

If anyone would like a few light blue zippers, just let me know-just please pay the shipping(under $4.00). I am happy to share!

I always look in the tablecloth section,and was not disappointed this time. These two tablecloths were around three bucks each. They will be used for quilt backs or bindings. 

I also got that big bag of off-white fabric pieces for under $5. Most of it is poly-cotton, which will be good enough for bag and pillow interlinings. There are also two nice pieces of quality muslin.

This was a mixed-fabric bag, priced at $4. The turquoise at the left is stretch velour, the turquoise dots are flannel and the brown is home dec, but the rest is nice cotton. A great addition to my scrappy stash.

I found this length of cat panels, too. There are four cats to a panel, and three panels total. I plan to use it as part of a quilt back, mixed with the tan check tablecloth above. I will alternate the squares. There might be enough of the border to make the binding. There is a person in my family that loooves cats!

I got these two men's shirts to cut up, for about $10. They are 100% cotton, and nice plaid prints. I always go for the larger men's shirts as they have more fabric and no breast darts like women's shirts.  I save the buttons too. 

Look for a tutorial on cutting up shirts for quilting, sometime soon.

Last, but not least, I found these cute little dishes. I will attach flat magnets to the bottom of the heart dish(read, I will get my Hubs to do it!!!) and make a pin dish for beside my sewing machine. Not sure what I am going to do with the other two little dishes, they are soaking(the super-sticky price tags are impossible to peal off) in the sink right now. I could make pincushions for my future Etsy store. I may even do a tutorial!

Total Thrifty Thursday savings…$5.50 on bus fare, over $50 at Value Village(with the 30% off coupon and me asking for price adjustments), and $15 on the Craftsy course…priceless!

Don't forget to check out all the sales at Craftsy! They have a large Clearance section, with loads of kits/fabrics and pre-cuts with deep discounts.

Click here to get to Craftsy: Craftsy

Bloggers and website owners can join the Affiliate Program here:

You may wonder at the reason why I am always talking about deals, saving money and thriftiness. I am considered(by myself, my doctor and the government) unemployable/disabled and my Hubs earns the only income at my house. I do receive a small government pension, but that is eaten up quickly by household bill and expenses. The Kid is still looking for a Summer job, and will have a few options available in a few weeks, when he turns 16.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!