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Hi there!
My name is Jacqueline(pronounced Jack-leen) and I am a wife of one, mother of two(boys, aged 24 and 16)in my late 40's. 

Our semi-rural town is just east of Vancouver, BC on the West Coast of Canada. It is beautiful here, but I do have to admit we get a lot of rain. A.LOT.OF.RAIN. 
Well, at least we have the greenest grass in Canada! 
ha ha ha...

This is me at our annual festival in June.

It was a big change for us to move out here. We both came from suburban North Vancouver, a quick, convenient trip to the sights and sounds of downtown Vancouver. Now, we have to plan our trips to include destinations/shops in the same area, as things are so much further away. 

We do a lot of online shopping, as we just can't get some of the things we want/need locally. Hmmm…so many business ideas, so little time

Vintage serving plate

I have been quilting since 1992 and do most of my piecing and quilting by machine. That being said, I have recently developed a love for English Paper Piecing. I just finished a King-sized quilt, using over 4,000 1"-sided hexagon papers. It is all scrappy and done by hand, including stitching on the border. My teenaged son has asked me to make a similar one for him, and I am working on his now.

I used to manage a Canadian chain fabric store and I was also the first Program Director for the Mount Seymour Quilt Guild in North Vancouver. I had to give that up due to my Hubs contracting Viral Meningitis back in 2004. I had to work 3 jobs to support us until he was able to get back to work. He is a Disney comic book artist.

Some of the Mexican pottery in my kitchen

I guess you could say I am a traditional quilter, but I am also enjoying the modern quilting scene. There are some really gifted quilters out there. I am hoping to bring a few of them to the blog so you can meet them, someday.

In the last few months, I have re-discovered my love of embroidery. I have been doing up a few flour-sack towels as gifts. I would also really like to re-learn how to crochet. There are so many neat things to make and the yarns available now are amazing.

I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 'early' Arthritis and Chronic Daily Migraine. I also "cope" with clinical Depression. When I was 40, I had a heart attack and that's when the specialists found out I have Fibro and CFS. At the time, I was working in a law firm and had to take a step back from some of my duties. Then, during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, I came down with Viral Meningitis. I had multiple lumbar punch procedures(17 at the same time!) in Emerg. and that's when my migraines started. Since then, I have been unable to work(the migraines will strike at any time), unable to do a lot of things actually. 

I do try to stay positive and quilting helps A LOT with that. I suffer from multi-day migraines, so if you don't see any posts for a while, that is why.

I love Jesus; my Lord and Saviour, my family and Elvis. 
Just in case you haven't figured it out, my favourite colour is purple! Hee Hee Hee

Thank you for reading and I do hope you will enjoy your stay.

Quilty Huggs,


Me and my guys


  1. Hello,
    I live in Calgary so we aren't far apart. I love to sew and quilt too. A couple of my friends suffer with some of the same illness you've contracted so you're on my prayer list with them. I lost my husband to cancer last year after a 1 1/2 year battle. We caught it too late. Quilting and knitting/crochet are what give me peace. They are meditative, especially when I'm sewing strips or chain piecing. I hope your health improves and that you accept new friends from all over who are praying for you.
    Your new friend and fellow quilter,
    Diana Bliss, Calgary

  2. Hello there and we've got a bunch in common, maybe we could work together on some things. I'm a quilter and wanting to set up some bloggers who suffer from disabilities of all sorts. Mine is a spontaneous sciatic nerve that plagues all my fun.
    carli the quilter at gmail dot com

  3. You face a lot of challenges that so many of us would not be able to deal with in a combination like that Jacqueline. I can identify completely with how quilting keeps you positive - it does for me too! Quilting is very, very good therapy and so is quilt blogging. God bless you!


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