Saturday, May 17, 2014


knock, knock, knock…
is anybody out there?

So, what can I say???? This is day one and I am flying by the seat of my…well you get the picture!!!

My name is Jacqueline, pronounced Jack-lean and I am in my late 40's. I am a wife of one and mother to two boys, aged 23 and 15. I live on the West coast of Canada, near Vancouver, BC. It is beautiful here, but we, like all Lower Mainlanders, complain bitterly about the weather. It's true, though, that we get more than our fair share of rain!

I have been quilting for over 20 years, and do most of my piecing and quilting by hand. That being said, I have become recently infatuated with English Paper Piecing. I have just finished a king sized 1" hexie quilt, all scrappy, and have now started on another(would you believe it was the 15 yr old son that requested it??!). I also have a 2"(per side) 6-point star 'kit' all cut up and ready to go, if we ever manage to go on a camping trip this year!!!

I have Fibromyalgia and also suffer from Chronic Daily Migraines, so life can be a bit of a strain/drain. I do try to stay positive and quilting helps a LOT with that.

Plans for this blog are; quilty tidbits, some tutorials(if I can get that darn digital camera to work), some guest posts(hopefully), links to personal faves in the tutorial department. I would also like to share some recipes we have enjoyed, though the hubbs is the main family cook. I want to re-learn how to crochet, and possibly have a tutorial or three. In between hand-piecing, I also do embroidery on small things like flour sack towels and wall hangings.

That's all for me today,
I'll catch you on the flip side.


  1. Way to go! Be proud of yourself for taking the leap! Best wishes to you!

  2. From Rainy Tillamook, OR - NW Coast... Understand what you mean by RAIN.... Best wishes :)

    1. Hi Marci, I think I may have been to Tillamook many years ago, on a family vacation!


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