Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hi peeps!
Guess what my dear hubs just bought me…

…and it's purple!!!! Yay!!! Now I just have to wait 4-10 days till it arrives.

I am so excited as I have lots of things to show you!

That means I have a week or so to finally press the (unnamed)mammoth hexie quilt. I have been putting off the final press of the flimsy till it was a cool day outside, and well, let's be perfectly honest, I'm just not a fan of pressing. 

A few days ago I decided to tidy the 'forbidden closet', hoping to find the digital camera I got with Airmiles about 3 years ago. Well, the tidy turned into an all-out purge! I ended up getting several garbage bags full of old stuff to send to Value Village(that's Savers, in the USA). The closet looks pretty good, but I totally over-did it. Ended up with a multi-day migraine…but that is how it goes with me.

That's all for me today, thanks for reading!


  1. Lucky you Frances! And it is in the right colour. I'm sure you are going to have lot of fun taking photos with your new camera.

    1. Thanks, Thammie! My camera has arrived and I am leaning the joys and frustrations of shooting digital!


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